Since 1987, the Virginia Falconers’ Association has been a group of passionate, diverse folks who share a common enterprise: falconry and a love for birds of prey and their environments. We work closely with our governing agency, the Dpt. of Game and Inland Fisheries, to keep falconry relevant, legal, accessible, and ethical. Among our primary group activities are field meets, to which guests are welcomed, working with the DGIF, and educational presentations.

The group, made up of volunteers only, has a variety of events, efforts, trainings, and happenings underway all year.

Please navigate our website to find more information on EVENTS, APPRENTICESHIP, FURTHER READING, LINKS, EDUCATION, GIFTS, and more. Check out our video and photo galleries, too.

You might find our virginiafalconry yahoo group of use also. It is a moderated list, so once you sign up, you will have to await approval by the moderator. While it mostly concentrates on Virginia falconry topics, you do not have to be a licensed falconer, nor even a Virginia resident to join. Check it out at

You are welcome to contact us for more information. Please remove the dash in the emails that appear in the TO: field after the link launches your email program and before you hit “send.”

We are the VFA

October 23 & 24 VFA members gathered at the Celtic Festival at Meadow Event Park near Richmond, VA and spoke to the public about the birds, regulations, environment, equipment and lifestyle of falconry. Many thanks to the generous members who donated their time! Click anywhere in slideshow at left to see the entire gallery of photos from the event.